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Rui- CCTV does give us the right to speak should treasure

Rui: CCTV does give us the right to speak should treasure
May 2, CCTV host Rui to bring new work, "the actual situation between the first ceremony was held in Beijing. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as his friend, in a personal capacity to attend and give speeches. As of the young anchor of CCTVs most international style, as well as an interview with several hundred Heads of State, heads of government,Christian Louboutin Sale, leaders of government and business academics, media people, Rui in the book and readers to share his experiences and insights in the 13-year career. The book not only cutting-edge point of view, in-depth thinking, as well as legendary experience, and sincere attitude. This book presented Ruis growth and transformation of the course. Before the conference, the reporter interviewed Rui,Christian Louboutin, between the "actual situation", Rui also talked about the more thinking. A new book: witness the audience I was growing up named reporter: Rui Hello, It is said that the title of your microblogging solicitation, what kind of ideas for collecting the title in the microblogging? Rui: I think the title is particularly difficult, because this is a collection of one of my point of view, was to find the words to summarize it is difficult. I was lucky that I have done for so many years programs, with many viewers, they are ideologically mature, growth, etc., are witness. So I would ask them from their perspective, to help me refine. Reporter: Are you in the CCTV did more than ten years, the youth gave the CCTV, the future will continue to do this, do not feel tired? Rui: I can foresee the future, I think I will continue to do so. Because I work more and more difficult, many of my predecessors 20 years ago be the host, the pressure is very small. CCTV as long as a host, Chinas prime-time, non-stop in front of everyone, then it is a highly anticipated presenters. I remember one person teacher said that this sentence is a dog, old appeared in CCTV, also Chinas famous dog. In todays era, is not entirely the case. Want to become a famous dog, is not necessarily the CCTV, there are many other ways. If the dog is not particularly cute, may not be particularly well-known - and we can choose to turn off the TV, watching the Internet. CCTV does give us a lot, gave us a lot of the right to speak, we must treasure. The right to speak for us means a lot. Reporter: This two-year CCTV host a lot of books, like Cui, one person, there is, you is why this book? Rui: Cui and one person I greatly respect the teacher, they have the height I can not go beyond. Do you mean to say the past two years the host of a television show like a book. But my book is not around myself, mainly to record something personal views. In accordance with my own ideas, which do not want any on my own description. Reporter: Why would the final choice between the "actual situation"? Rui: "actual situation" this name has two meanings, first, a lot of university graduates to do the financial industry, some of my friends and relatives so that helped me find a job, want to go to investment banks or big commercial banks the financial sector, which means that talent to tilt. We want social development, must consider a balanced, smart people all went to the financial industry, there will be a financial crisis. Personally,Christian Louboutin, I think the reason why the Wall Street financial crisis is a bunch of smart people went to Wall Street, Washington wants the supervision of Wall Street forever supervision can not be. "Actual situation" refers to the virtual economy and real economy. For the Chinese economy, the degree of the virtual economy and real economy, we must grasp. Another layer of meaning, I have done TV for more than ten years, myself and the reality of life among a number of insights, such as understanding of vanity, such as what is a real strength, what is the most real things in life and so on. 2 Occupation: each story, I will be careful investigation Reporter: after the death of Wallace, the site made a web page to take you and Wallace compare. The conclusion that you and his difference is that select a different system, you now take shelter of the system for you to develop useful side and negative side of what is? Rui: China today is like to take the matter of foreign things in China, and from this can be reflected. I believe that in fact, very few people have seen his interviews, said that in the case do not understand how good foreign journalists and reporters in China because the system reasons with them than how, or even a death of the elderly, and young Chinese , like me, younger people go than. Between the "actual situation" is also mentioned, the pride of Chinese people are very fragile, today criticized because of the death of good press in the United States, we get him to talk about China, Chinas own. Tomorrow if the U.S. News reporter said the poor in China, Chinas fragile self-esteem has been a great deal of harm. If a reporter to identify a certain period of a day, Wallace said the unpleasant words, the whole of China turned the muzzle to call him (of course he does not say). We tend to be kidnapped by online public opinion, you asked that question, not necessarily about Wallace is the most important information, but because it is to incite some sort of emotion or provoke a nerve, so many people are concerned. Reporter: Zhaopu exposure of gelatin, 11 days photographed. You often burst in the blog some Mengliao. May I ask if you encounter this problem, what would you find a balance between the media persons conscience and self-protection? Rui: as we career journalists, each report, and indeed to consider the provenance. My own microblogging, I can not say 100%, at least I own requirements. Every Business News, I will find out its source. For example, Jian Fu Gong club thing, I already have considerable evidence that when me a piece of microblogging. I made a very careful investigation before we made the microblogging. No matter who send microblogging, you should consider this point. Reporter: Your views will always cause some controversy, mentioned in the book Sister Lotus, said she dared to break the shackles, you are afraid afraid of such views may lead to some discussion, a negative evaluation, affect their future development? Rui: I do not worry, a matter of different points of view, this is the greatest progress in China, we have to applaud. Sister Furong, I mentioned that I was not so understanding, I do not know her. But she did not hurt anyone, did not occupy the interests of any person, unlike the past, a person want to be famous, to do some last resort thing, such as the "hidden rules", do a lot of the table following the transaction. I have the impression, Sister Lotus has not experienced anything like this, at least I know that does not seem to, but also by trading power for money. She wanted to be famous, she did become famous, her own reputation, she did not do not see the sun, we can cheer for such a thing. Social development, provides us with the possibility of a person through various means, the way well-known, unlike in the past, have a party on CCTV appearance become a star in the country today, there are other options, choose the more This is the good of society, social progress. 3 thinking: a country relies on the financial rise Reporter: reading between the "actual situation" and found you some of the exclusion of "luxury" in this book. If the luxury the rich do not buy, the poor also purchased there any living space? Rui: Thanks for your busy time to read my book. I described in the book is very clear, I have a luxury in itself does not exclude. Each of us engaged in this work, like me, often run in various occasions in the world, inevitably,Chaussure Louboutin, there is then a few pieces of luxury. I excluded the Chinese society as a whole, the universal pursuit of luxury, regardless of your income, the blind pursuit of luxury, this is not supposed to happen, I called it "irrational consumption". Chinese pursuit of luxury, and I said, the Chinese peoples confidence, all on one occasion, a table wearing a Swiss watch, there are individuals wearing a thousand dollars to the table, how confident do. Our confidence from the possession of wealth, this worthy of our consideration of the reasons. Chinas luxury consumption figures are huge, overseas U.S. $ 50 billion, this is incomplete. Money in the territory of Chinas foreign luxury brand away, on Chinas economy will result in what kind of impact? Luxury impact on the atmosphere of the Chinese is not good to do a big luxury brand in China, with tens of millions of yuan, the kidnapping of media it can, spend a great layout, a substantial influence on the public. This is very sad thing, a healthy society to have different values, but now most people are like this. Reporter: For our Shanxi, everyone says that "coal bosses" have money, do not buy luxury goods seems to have no money. Integration of coal resources, many coal-owners out of the province folk have a lot of idle funds. Hence there are a lot of small loan companies, engaged in the private lending business. Like the gathering of such private capital flow, the national economy as a whole is safe or there are hidden dangers? Rui: This topic of many ways we can interpret. Private capital, why should the private finance this money, why do not want to do to expand reproduction, not because of the return of the financial sector is too high? I have done a program, and the Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry, to do a "Policy Forum", this program makes me very disappointed to find that China is a large country of manufacturing, but not the power of the manufacturing sector, a high-precision bearings,Chaussure Louboutin, there is not even an enterprise can be made out. Our manufacturing sector is actually far worse, the manufacturing sector in order to strong need for the state to individuals, including entrepreneurs, engineers, generation after generation, for their tireless efforts and continuous in order to develop If you earn a little money on hit financial stocks, lending is not conducive to long-term strategic security of the national economy. The real rise of great powers, not a country that enjoyed by the financial rise. Contrary, due to the financial well-developed in some countries, just want to loan sharking, the countrys economic strength will rapidly decline. Chinas economy in the foreseeable future, the first thing to do manufacturing power, and then be possible to become the true meaning of financial power, can we talk about the RMB is not one day become the worlds reserve currency. Before the manufacturing sector did not really become strong, gradually become weak, superficial,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, and finally the skin, hair adhere to the embarrassing situation. Reporter: Do you which part of his book which most interested in? Rui: the book which has a great "Do not Let the financial harm the country, that is, do not let the financial mislead this country. I did so many years of reporters, to see that China has a lot of resources in excessive liquidity to the financial sector, we honestly do not want to do manufacturing, money begets money. When money is no longer a transaction means become an end in itself, damage to the national economy is, this is the book I own more concerned about the chapter. Another chapter is the story of the Chinese, "us Chinese a lot of time to explain themselves to foreign countries, to put it is not very clear, the West until today there are a lot of worries, misunderstandings, do not understand. Today, western countries think Chinas rise is too fast, a bit frightening, is not because the past many years to show Westerners a lot of our bright side, while the less glorious side of it up. Like house guests, and drag the ornaments are put on this is not good, they think you are a million households, and they let you donate, you do something. Let the world see the bad in China, and admitted to the world some of our shortcomings, let the world see that we are poor, even the fragile, hand, to better cope with the world to our expectations. The Reporters Kang Shaoqiong (Shanxi Evening News)
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BMW car change lanes crashed Geely compensation for anti-find st

BMW car change lanes crashed Geely compensation for anti-find street thwarted
Geely front side smashed flat, "I was sitting inside the car, watching them out hit my car, and threatened me, I nothing can be done." The evening of 13 drive after the near Guiyang City,Christian Louboutin Shoes, Baoshan Chen encountered an explosive temper,Chaussure Louboutin, the BMW driver. According to Mr. Chen, on the 13th night around 10:00 or so,Christian Louboutin Sale, he normally drove a Geely car driving to a near relative to Baoshan, a BMW car suddenly change lanes to turn right and hit his car. Subsequently, the driver of a BMW car down to him losing money, Mr. Chen believes that the accident was caused by the BMW lane change, is BMW responsible for compensation of danger, so argue. But Chen did not expect the driver of the BMW but do not want to escape from danger is the damage, but the phone call to more than 20 people to fight Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen said he rushed quickly ran up the car doors locked, I did not expect those who come to drop his car,Christian Louboutin, pull the bad and the rear-view mirror, kicking his car. To see this happen, panic Chen called the police for help in the car. "Until the police cars come when these people run away." Chen said, the car was pushed,Chaussures pas cher, Mr. Chen has photos under each others license plate. Yesterday, Mr. Chen has to Guiyang City traffic police brigade to deal with the accident, According to Mr. Chen photos, the traffic police has identified the BMW take full responsibility. After the multi-contact of the traffic police, the owner of Hwang unwilling to deal with,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, also said last night driving is not he himself. Smashed cars caused by the issue of compensation, the traffic police told Mr. Chen, responsible for handling by the police station, Mr. Chen claims to the parties.
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U.S. man to accompany begging people to eat French fries, said i

U.S. man to accompany begging people to eat French fries, said if this liar wanted to help
Lu Jiesen accompany begging grandma to eat French fries Lu Jiesen fire, and even his own puzzling. "This is not anything special. To interview me, Daorang I feel very shy." Shy "and the word from a height of 1 meter 8, the big boys with the beard her mouth,Christian Louboutin, do people can not help laughing. But his expression showed very serious, "They are people, we are human beings, and they deserve our respect and attention. Accompany a meal, this is not." These two days, a U.S. guy to accompany begging grandma to eat French fries photos to be crazy to turn on the network, Lujie Sen is the hero in the photo. Accompany begging people to eat, This is really two love the photos from the night before, a microblogging spread throughout the network. Friends wrote in microblogging, "McDonalds door, a foreigner to buy two bag of chips, and give begging grandmother a packet of two men sat on the floor, happily eating, talking, good and warm." Soon, it seems the same time, another picture of the place, people are also seen in the network, photos, described as the Zhujiang Road, Nanjing McDonalds door, a warm picture of a foreign guy is giving the grandmother pouring begging. " love "and" admiration "touched" Caring knows no boundaries, "the praise was rightly ringing, photographs caused a lot of friends reflect on the wedding host QU Hui wrote," to see this picture and feel warm, but I can do that? all people are equal, we should love each other, support each other, I can do? I will ask myself, "he is a friend in the eyes of" wonderful "photo of this scene, the Guangzhou Road, McDonalds staff confirmed, "the day I put the French fries sold his McDonalds waiter Miss Hu said, foreigners are less than 15:00 the day before yesterday to the restaurant, he bought two bag of chips out of the restaurant door, the old lady sat down next to a begging at the door, and gave the elderly a bag of chips, they ate, chatted and spent more than 20 minutes. "The very heart of the young man." Restaurant staff very touched. Surprised to see the photos, the Overseas Education College of Nanjing University "Chinese pilot project" student assistant Mike,Christian Louboutin, "This is not Jason do?" Li said, Jason full name, Jason Loose, Chinese named Lu Jiesen, Los Angeles. He was the Overseas Education College of Nanjing University pilot project of the Chinese students learning Chinese for five years. Have graduated, but because Lu Jiesen character of the sun, seriously, treat people very warm,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, positive, so the Chinese students and teachers are impressed. "He was always very hard to remember our name, but always smiling,Christian Louboutin Sale, and public-spirited, and we are like to deal with him." Another student added, Lujie Sen is also a self requires very strict - exercise a day, the Internet can not exceed the number of hours ... "winter, he once or twice a week, wearing short-sleeved, shorts running in the campus, we referred to as wonderful." "do not mind the body is dirty, I clean "He is a shy boy, however, the praise" enthusiastic and self-discipline, "the boys,Christian Louboutin, but with some shy. Modern Express (microblogging),Christian Louboutin, the reporter contacted on Lujie Sen, he also just learned that in the "popular". Was nothing special, you interview, I would feel shy. "He blushed and smiled and said, his grandmother bought fries is also a coincidence. Lujie Sen is from Zhujiang to Guangzhou road to go, I suddenly saw the McDonalds sitting in front of the barefoot begging for the elderly, compassion arises spontaneously, so they buy two packets of potato chips sitting on the old lady next to her drink and chat. Lu Jiesen quite young, was born in 1989, but keep the look of the beard, it is extremely mature. He graduated from Arizona State University, USA, in September last year, came to the South to participate in the pilot project of the Chinese, now Nanjing, a sports brand internship. "Everyone is insignificant, we can not macro efforts, at least concern to everyone around." Lu Jiesen think everyone needs help and mercy of others, people can support each other with common survival in the reasons of the world. "Beggars are human beings, worthy of others attention, or stay with dinner, snack." ? dialogue Reporter Express Reporter: "You talk about?" Lujie Sen: "We talked for a while, to know each other a bit and she told me, she is over 80 home in Anhui Province, has only recently come to Nanjing because children can not afford to support, had to go begging. "Express reporter:" Many people saw a beggar at arms length, but you do the opposite. "Lujie Sen:" I used to do through the pipe workers in dirty place. so I do not mind the body is dirty, clean heart. "? respond to users" Some people say, You foreigners do not understand Chinas national conditions, beggars, mostly is a liar, not worthy of help Lujie Sen smiled, "they said, I do not understand Chinas national conditions, I have been here only a temporary guest." he said, hoping for the elderly is not a liar, but if really, must be the poor people, help would help. "Some people say, french fries and fried starchy foods, the people eat unhealthy, and I agree." Lu Jiesen with the apologetic tone, said, "I would like to thank friends reminder I do not Think, next time should be send some fruit, buns like the food. "re-experiencing, we eat not Lu Jiesen the first time and begging people to eat together - he gave the old man begging to send juice, but also to accompany the other beggars to eat over rice. "I was very lucky day, food to eat, a place to live, good jobs and families but not all. They may be born family condition is not good, may grow up to do miss things. but they are now eking out a living, there is no reason why we do not give help. "Lu Jiesen activists or public service activities in the U.S. college, he participated in several public service organizations, to help the kids tutoring math. South when he was studying, he and several students joined the project of counseling in English for children of migrant workers. He is planning the creation of a volunteer social media sites and friends, the goal is to provide volunteer projects to the people of Nanjing. The Lu Jiesen next month after the end of the internship, he will come back to the United States when the math teacher, "In the future have the opportunity, I wanted to do a Chinese teacher." Finally talk about the man begging people, Lu Jiesen smiled , "I think the future and she may encounter when we eat together."
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Mens clothing store to buy clothes trouble with knife stabbed sh

Mens clothing store to buy clothes trouble with knife stabbed shopkeeper couples (Figure).
Witnesses claimed that the perpetrators of the tool is about 15 cm of the vendors mention the matter frightened leopard mapping, Xie Jing, yesterday morning, Friendship Road, Zhengzhou City, the clothing city with a knife stabbing incident. A man is suspected because of a dispute with the clothing shop owner pulled out a knife and stabbed the shopkeeper couple. Were seriously injured, the couple lying in a pool of blood. After the next to all the traders and the police with the assailant arrested. After the incident, the injured were rushed to hospital. As of yesterdays newspaper to engage in,Christian Louboutin Sale, the injured person is not yet out of danger. Pentecostal couple were selling clothes at the scene with a knife stabbed noon yesterday,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, the reporter received a clue the first time arrived at the scene. The scene at Friendship Road and Datong Road intersection south about 30 meters west of a garment city. Into an alley from the clothing city about 2 meters of the north side of a channel, there are many clothing shops. These clothing store before the aisle, the remaining large tracts of blood. The crime scene Garment City security to use the sale racks around them, not allowed to enter. Through the racks, the reporter saw large share of blood residue on the ground spread of nearly ten meters. Ground Rengzhao a mens shirt stained with blood, advertising a crumpled piece of paper soaked with blood. Mention just a scene, the vendors are still frightened. According to the traders say, the injured Zhang and Gumou couple clothing city, the owner of a clothing store, 50-year-old. The assailant, a 30-year-old man, tall. The two sides was what happened, clothing merchants of the city, most do not know, they said did not hear what quarrel. Ms. Zhangs daughter Yue also do not know the laws disputes what happened with this strange man. Heard her mother in crying, I came out to see the man with a knife being stabbed I dad. "Recalled the scene at that time, Ms. Yue still frightened," I hastened to call people. "According to the time a sell fruit in the near The witness said: "switchblade before you come here to exchange clothes, but Zhang (victim) said he bought for several days, refused to exchange and then the assailant pulled out a knife carried by about 15 cm, shopkeeper couple stabbed. "incident process assailant stabbed to return to the scene and then wounding the Zhao Zhangs next door merchants. 11 oclock yesterday morning, she saw a tall man holding the bloody knife, and hands with blood, while walking with something to wipe the knife on the blood, when he went to the gate of the Garment City, man hand to hail a taxi to go. She felt strange, head tilt glanced at the shop next door, and found that Zhang couples the body is blood, fell to the ground. "Kill all out ah!" Zhao quickly shouted. Heard the commotion, her husband, Mr. Fung and clothing merchants of the city, then rush over, you want to seize the man. Other traders immediately dialed 110 and 120. Man was stabbed perfect slowly from the market to go out a little flustered like. "Zhao description," if I had not see one next door, the assailant ran we still do not know. "According to the vicinity of the upstairs The shopkeeper said: "I saw a man holding a pair of pants and Zhang speech,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, but suddenly the man took out a long knife, stabbed to go to Zhang Zhang injured went to the front of the next shop help. think his wife is still store, Zhang ran back to the store did not take long Zhang once again ran out the front of the shop came next fall. "Zhao said, when two police patrolling after hearing the news came over. See the crowd and the police wanted to come, the contrary, the murderer with a knife and striking to the crowd and snapped snapped: "who come Shashui the" police armed with batons and several requests killer put down the weapon, the murderer not only down, but turn back the market, Zhangs store, and crouched the Zhang beside lying on the ground, but also to the neck, stabbed a knife. Subsequently, the murderer with a knife out to go, we are not close. About a few minutes later, Zhengzhou road police station four police and Zhengzhou Municipal Peoples Hospital ambulance rushed to the scene. Finally,Christian Louboutin Sale, six police and nearby traders surrounded by murderers, the medical staff rushed the wounded for medical treatment. However, the murderer with a knife block the road to prevent health care workers rescue, and several times stabbed to health care workers and police, medical personnel can not get near the injured. Mr Fung said that he was and vendors have quickly removed the sale racks, and distributed to police as a weapon. After half an hour confrontation between the murderer suddenly throw away the knife, the traders and the police then surrounded them and suppress the murderer. After a while fight, the killer has finally been police used handcuffs handcuffed. The medical staff rushed injured after wound treatment to the hospital for emergency treatment. Witnesses said the "start ruthless assailant, who was close to him who he would stab" the murderers are bigger meter eighty tall, fat and strong. "Mr Fung described to reporters, that piece of head, two or three fundamental uniforms not , traders and police in the uniform of the murderer was a murderer resistance. His left arm was the murderer wearing handcuffs arm thrown injury, immediately swelled up, diagnosed by the hospital fracture in the right arm also fight injured. Zhao said: "that the murderer is very cruel, and pierced on the Zhang couple forty-five knife, lungs stabbed in the Jiamou seriously injured, Zhangs arm was stabbed, the bones are exposed on the large calf in the knife, the most deadly is the knife on the neck, resulting in Zhang shock. "the man to start too hard, who was close to him who he would stab with crazy!" involved in the uniforms of the killer Chow said, "Now think of also getting scared." the latest progress of the injured out of danger yet noon yesterday, the Zhang couple were sent to the emergency room of the Third Peoples Hospital of Zhengzhou City, was immediately taken to the operating room rescue. Zhangs son the Pengfei waiting outside in the operating room, head down, kept weeping. Is the eldest son of the field came back yesterday afternoon. Yesterday afternoon,Chaussures pas cher, the reporter learned from the injured family members,Christian Louboutin, 17:50 Xu, Zhang rescue the end of six oclock, Gumou rescue the end, but the two still in critical condition. Two after surgery is directly transferred to the intensive care unit. Zhangs son Zhang Pengfei told reporters that the mother has to wake up, but also difficult to speak, but the lungs and stomach are run through a very dangerous situation. Body with multiple injuries the father is still in a coma. Yesterday evening, the Public Security Bureau of Zhengzhou City, the road police station said, wounding man is from Hubei, both sides due to the sale of the dispute. The mans behavior constituted a crime of intentional injury. Specific case, the police are investigating thoroughly investigated, the fastest today.
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